Betting On Nandamuri Films

By - January 14, 2016 - 05:59 PM IST

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Once you get into the habit of betting there is absolutely no limit or subject that you can stick yourself to. This is something most of the professional betters do and now, the topic has become the Nandamuri films. Yes, bettings are happening at a big level on Dictator Vs Nannaku Prematho.

Stakes are being put on which film among the two will collect more. Generally, the bettings happen on cock fights and we will know the result immediately but this one is different. The result will take time based on collections and it is heard that crores of rupees is being pumped in to this race.

Another source reveals most of the bettings are being done by TDP and Nandamuri fans. At the moment Nannaku Prematho has taken off to a flying start and the result of Dictator would be known today. By the end of this whole thing, there would be many who would become paupers and many who will become rich.

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