Star Of The Week

By - January 19, 2016 - 10:07 AM IST

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Just a week ago there was a lot of excitement, anticipation and curiosity across the cine buffs and the Tollywood circles alike. The reason being, the Sankranthi festival was on and three big movies were releasing against each other. At the same time, one small budget flick also joined the race.

Now, the festive dust has settled and all are eager to know the results. Well, it turns out that the star of the week turns out to be the dark horse. We are talking about the movie Express Raja featuring the class actor Sharwanand along with the cutie beauty Surabhi.

The film is first to reach the safe zone among all the releases and it is heard that the movie was made at a budget of 5.5 crores and it grossed 7.5 crores at the end of the first weekend. Trade pundits have predicted the film will garner profits during this week and it is certain to reach the success mark soon.

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