Krishnam Raju About Jayalalithaa Style

By - January 21, 2016 - 05:33 PM IST

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Though movies are all about providing entertainment to the people, the underlying truth is that it is also a stream of business which runs like an industry. Hence, different aspects of cinema business are under constant scrutiny. This time, the focus has come on theatres.

This is brought to light with the recent set of statements from rebel star Krishnam Raju. Apparently, he has mentioned about the need for more theatres such that small budget films can be protected. In fact, this idea is already being implemented in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Well, CM Jayalalithaa has introduced ‘Amma’ theatres wherein a cluster of single screen theatres are brought together and the ticket is sold at a reasonable price. Krishnam Raju wanted to start it long ago and now he has started speaking about small movies and their preservation. This is a good step indeed.

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