1st Indian Family Star Into Hollywood?

By - January 26, 2016 - 11:55 AM IST

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After becoming an actor in the southern cine circuit, there are those who aspire to make it to the big Bollywood and that is considered to be the final destination. However, there are also those who feel Bollywood is not sufficient and aim for the ultimate destination i.e Hollywood.

India has seen stars such as Om Puri, Irrfan Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Anil Kapoor in Hollywood flicks. But this is perhaps the first time that an Indian family star is all set to make his entry into Hollywood. He is none other than Dhanush, the Kollywood star and son-in-law of superstar Rajnikanth.

Reports from Chennai reveal after exhaustive discussions, Dhanush’s entry is confirmed in a movie titled as The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir Who Got Trapped In An Ikea Cupboard. The film also has the famous Uma Thurman doing a very important role. Here’s wishing all success to Dhanush.

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