Bollywood Hero Learns Southern Tricks

By - January 28, 2016 - 04:20 PM IST

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There was a time when Bollywood flicks hardly worked in the south and the only exception was Hyderabad because it has that kind of crowd. But now, the presence of Hindi movies has increased even in conservative cities like Chennai thanks to the north Indian inflow there.

As a result, the Bollywood folks are coming up with new strategies to woo the Tamil crowds. It worked really well for director Rohit Shetty and team when they made Chennai Express. Well, the trick is to elevate the position of Superstar Rajnikanth and make him the God.

The Mumbai circles have realized that if they say Rajini is god, entire Tamil Nadu will become close to them and start patronizing their movies. The latest incident is about charming star Akshay Kumar stating he doesn’t have Rajini’s phone number and he doesn’t have the guts to ask him for that. 

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