Vishnu Counter to over Advising Fan

By - February 01, 2016 - 07:09 PM IST

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Big thanks to the social media where celebrities have a direct way to interact with their fans and vice versa. However there always been pros and cons in any interactive media and in the same way these social network sites also had some problems.

Some over enthusiastic fans tend to corner the celebrities with their questions/posts and young Hero Manchu Vishnu faced a similar today. His aggressive promotion of Manoj's film Shaurya when Manoj doesn't promote was questioned by a fan who even asked Vishnu to chill. Check out his tweet - 

But the Manchu hero countered gave it back with wit. This was later supported by Manoj as well. Check out Vishnu's fitting reply -

Well our heroes are quite spontaneous which comes handy in situations like these.

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