Hero Buttering Other Hero's Fans

By - February 02, 2016 - 05:07 PM IST

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You would have heard or read about several instances on how few heroes tend to show their ego and air when in comparison with another hero. This is more so when the heroes have a massive fan following. But a very interesting situation is now on and many in film fraternity are talking about it.

This has to do with one star hero praising another superstar hero. We are talking about the duo of charming star Akshay Kumar and superstar Rajnikanth respectively. It is known that Akshay is going to be the villain in Rajini’s new movie Robo 2.0 and he got to share his thoughts.

He reportedly said that it was really a blessing and fortune to get kicked and punched by Rajini. While Akshay is unable to hide his excitement, few groups are saying these statements are just to butter fans of Rajini and the people of Tamil Nadu. Let us see how the Tamil Thambis receive Akshay now.

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