Arya 3 back in discussion again

By - February 04, 2016 - 05:47 PM IST

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Arya - it is a special movie to all the Telugu movie lovers. It is a film that earned Allu Arjun stardom and introduced us the name called “Sukumar” which is a brand now.

Sukumar & Allu Arjun combo is always a crazy combo and their friendship is also a key reason behind hype and expectations over their combo. Now according to the grapevine, Sukumar’s next will be Bunny! Well Sukumar’s next was initially touted to be with DSP as hero but latest reports reveal that this project may get further delayed due to DSP’s current music commitments. At this juncture, speculations are rife that Sukumar & Bunny are set to do Arya 3. However, the duo has strongly asserted in the past that it wouldn’t be essentially Arya 3 but a fresh love story.

Honestly, the fans simply love their combo enough that they are up to watch any film this sensational duo comes up with. But people are equally waiting to watch their beloved ‘Arya’ comeback! What do you say fanfolks?

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