Prasad Multiplex Gets Enquiries About This Film

By - February 05, 2016 - 04:10 PM IST

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If you are from Hyderabad then you would have seen that the last decade has seen quite an upsurge in the number of multiplexes. But even today, the first preference is always for Prasads Multiplex and there is a special value and position for this in the Tollywood circuit too.

In fact, whenever a film is gearing up for release, efforts are on to ensure at least one show is given there. But now, it is heard that the management of Prasads is getting enquiries from the audience themselves. This has to do with a Tamil film titled as Visaranai.

Many are asking if it is releasing there in straight Tamil language. While the management has said no, it is heard that the people are requesting maybe a release tomorrow or day after also would be fine. The Kollywood circuit has praised the film lavishly and even some noted names in Tollywood have vouched for the movie.

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