Hero Who Loves Variety Costumes

By - February 09, 2016 - 09:50 AM IST

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After becoming a hero, you enter the sets for your shooting and most of the times, whatever costume is chosen, you wear it and get on with your work. But there are some heroes who know what exactly they want and why they want it. One name that is taken prominently in this is Sunil.

Those who have worked with him reveal Sunil loves costumes a lot and right from the type of pants, shirts being chosen to the stitching as to how it should be, he keeps telling. It is heard that there is a reason behind Sunil’s penchant towards costumes.

Prior to entering movies, he used to watch many Chiranjeevi movies. In that he used to observe every costume of Chiru such as what color, which design, which scene it is being used. After making notes, Sunil implemented for himself. For seeing the costumes will look very good but they won’t be available outside.

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