Actress Clarifies About Fake Pics

By - February 11, 2016 - 11:04 AM IST

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Once you become an actress and that too a famous one then you need to get prepared for the online creativity that is used. Usually, there are many morphing experts who keep coming up with some or the other lewd pictures of yours and satisfy their egos.

On the other hand, some genuine photos of yours may also come out and they are tagged to any film that you are working on. This is something the promising actress Anupama Parameswaran has just experienced. Few pictures have been going viral on the internet and they were tagged as Anupama’s stills from her new movie Majnu.

Before things can go beyond control, Anupama herself has come into the open and quashed this as a baseless rumour. However, she reportedly confirmed that it is indeed her pictures but not from Majnu. Anupama is pairing up with Yuva Samrat Akkineni Naga Chiatanya in this movie.

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