AP Politics Getting Fingered With This Film

By - February 12, 2016 - 03:37 PM IST

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Cinema is a powerful medium in India and it has got a strong influence on the ways of the society here. This is more in terms of politics and given that, the political circles of Andhra Pradesh are currently in a fix over the announcement of a film.

It is Vangaveeti which is going to be directed by the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma.This is also slated to be his last movie in Tollywood. The story revolves around the blood filled Kamma-Kapu caste war which led to the death of big leaders like Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga.

Hence, the political circuit is being apprehensive on how this film is going to create a rupture. While that is understood, the film intellectuals say there is nothing to worry. They state that though RGV is good at creating a stir doing publicity he is also equally good at giving a balanced perspective in his movies.

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