Valentines Day Spl: Heroines Open up HEARTS on Love

By - February 14, 2016 - 02:46 PM IST

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Cinema & Love seem like conjoined twins who have become an integral part of life over the ages.

Now on this Valentines’ Day eve, the gorgeous beauties of Telugu industry have opener their hearts and shared their views and feelings over Love.

Firstly Anushka aka Sweety "what happens at school or college isn't love but infatuation that is often misunderstood as love. Unfortunately people get no time to love when they actually realize what love is. Career and life goals come across and it becomes tough for one to handle both at a time". 
Having said that Sweety hasn't disclosed anything about her relationship status. Well these comments of her indicate that she is deep thinking person.

Mumbai beauty Kajal Aggarwal reveals that she never came across the feeling of love or her Mr. Right person. At her schooling or college, she received many love letters and all those were praising her in a poetic way or complementing her beauty. And she also declared that she doesn’t believe in “Love at First Sight”

Doe-eyed beauty Shruti Hassan made it clear that Love happens only once in a lifetime and that she never believes in the concept of second love - well does that mean she had a love failure? (wink)

Desamuduru Girl Hansika Motwani made some interesting comments. Love should flourish on mutual understanding but not on the conditions or rules. Well she also feels that only our families can gift us unconditional love and that's the reason why she gives her first priority to her family rather than love.

On the other hand, Milky beauty Tamannaah thinks that Love shouldn’t happen on materialistic parameters like wealth, education etc because it is an eternal bonding where these parameters could go minimal. Surprisingly, True Love has no scope in the present world, according to Tamannaah. Here's some disappointing news - with respect to her soul mate - she'll go with her family’s choice. If at all she finds her Mr Right, it will be revealed to her family first than him actually.

Well these are the views of some of our favourite divas and these are personal opinions. They say the predictability of life is its unpredictability. Love is everywhere & anything can happen. Happy Valentine's Day to this world!

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