Krishnashtami Movie Review & Ratings

By - February 19, 2016 - 01:58 PM IST

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Cast: Sunil, Dimple Chopade, Nikki Galrani, Mukesh Rishi, Ashutosh Rana, Pavitra Lokesh, Saptagiri, Brahmanandam, Tulasi
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Music: Dinesh Kangaratnam
Producer: Dil Raju
Director: Vasu Varma

A Dumb, Disappointing & Boring family drama


Krishna (Sunil) is a young NRI longing to come India but his uncle Rama Chandra Rao (Mukesh Rishi) objects his arrival. Vexed by their repeated objections, Krishna starts to India, meets Pallavi (Nikki Garlani) in his journey and falls in love.  Krishna also encounters Ajay (Ajay) & his son who are on their way to their home town. But as soon as they land in India, Krishna, Ajay & his kid are attacked. Ajay is hospitalized in the attack and Krishna later discovers a revenge story behind the attack. How did Krishna who is stuck in Ajay's home town stand against the odds and reunite with his family forms the rest of the story.


Sunil: Honestly "Golden Star" Sunil looks pathetic in his bearded look. While you are expecting typical comedy stuff from this comedy hero, he'll make desperate attempts to impress you as a star hero. And this is for Sunil's fans - forget about his heavy dance moves and signature comedy.

Nikki Galrani: Fortunately this newbie is cute, chubby and a decent actor as well.

Asutosh Rana: This able actor plays the lead dumbo in the brigade of dumb villains.

While Saptagiri, Posani comedy entertains in the first half, Brahmi irks as Selfie Bulfi. However, 30yrs industry Prithvi, Viva Harsha also could tickle you with their dumb comedy. The rest of the cast including Mukesh Rishi, Bhavana, Roller Raghu & others also play their part in the nonsensical drama.


Firstly our sincere respects to the ones who are checking out this review (whether to watch this film or not) even after watching the trailer. Now after watching the film, one might wonder if its a Sunil's film or even a Dil Raju film!

Vasu Varma of Josh fame is back with a pointless story with brainless characters and mediocre treatment stuffed with few animated gags here and there. Perhaps for the first time we got to know a family drama could be this silly - Characters and emotions switched on and off in the drop of a hat. On top of it, a coerced substantiation to every turn the plot takes. The director completely fails in delivering an endearing family drama. Moreover, he couldn't make the best use of his cast especially Sunil.

If there is any positive aspect in the film then it should be the comedy in the first half of the first half and Cinematography.

The first half is a passable affair but the second half is a big dollop of non-sense. In a nutshell, this film is a resultant of flimsy writing.

- Comedy of Posani, Saptagiri
- Cinematography & Editing
- Decent Music

- Story, Treatment
- Lack of Sunil mark entertainment

Songs by (music director) are decent enough and are well picturized also. However the bgm is routine.

Editing by Gautam Raju & the production values are decent.

Krishnashtami is old wine in an old bottle. Routine age old story, family drama, abject treatment, songs and fortunately few gags that can entertain you here and there.

Avg User Rating: 2.5/5

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