Siva Reddy escapes a fatal Air Crash

By - February 22, 2016 - 07:01 PM IST

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Popular mimicry artist, comedian, host Siva Reddy escaped a major air crash a short while ago at Tirupathi Airport. 
Going into the details, comedian Siva Reddy was set to fly from Temple town Tirupathi to Hyderabad (Monday morning) when the flight he boarded faced some technical snag at the time of take-off. The technical glitch was fixed and the flight was all set to fly again when a major technical malfunction was identified and the corresponding flight service was suspended. Had the issue been ignored, the flight would have been ill-fated, say close sources. Anyways fortunately Shiva Reddy & few other politicians have escaped a major crash and are absolutely safe now.
As per latest reports, the passengers have been shifted to another flight (SG1044). Keep watching the space for more details soon.

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