Most Awaited In 1st Week

By - February 22, 2016 - 10:25 AM IST

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Whether you are keeping track or not, you would know for sure that every Friday there is one or the other new release that comes. But there are also those times when you are eagerly waiting for the release of a film. The first Friday of March has got such potential flicks.

A general talk is emerging that many are waiting to see the film Kalyana Vaibhogame featuring the handsome Naga Shaurya along with the sensuous Malavika Nair in the lead. This film is directed by Nandini Reddy and the promotion and vibes of the film are quite positive.

While this is the first choice, there is also a sizeable amount of interest on the other release Guntur Talkies featuring Sid Jonnalagadda, Shraddha Das and Rashmi Gautham. The filmnagar pundits are predicting the first week of March is going to fetch good hits for Tollywood box office.

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