Surprising: 9 Releases on Day 1

By - February 23, 2016 - 10:11 AM IST

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In the current era where competition speaks more than content, we only get to see a maximum of 3 or four releases every Friday. In case of a release clash, even big filmmakers negotiate and comprise for a leisured release. The main reason for this limitation is the availability of theatres and the target to get maximum Box-Office returns.

But on contrary, this Friday has a record breaking number of nine releases. Though most of these films are not popularly known, their respective makers are eager to test their luck in the midst of other small budget films which are releasing on the same day.

These movies are Kshanam, Padesaave, Terror, Appudala Ippudila, Yeluka Mazaka, Rajugariintlo  7varoju, Veeriveeri Gummadi Pandu. Even in the dubbing wing, we have interesting films like Yamapaasam.

This is like a golden space for small budget films because there are no huge budget films until summer and the audience also would look for some versatility. Let us wish these small budget films best of luck!

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