TV Channel's Tribute To Scholar

By - February 23, 2016 - 04:16 PM IST

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There is a always a fine line in the society which divides the commoners and the intellectuals. In fact, it is the intellectuals who create that much needed difference in this world and create their own mark. While some are recognized when they are present, some are remembered after they depart.

One such person who is being remembered in a big way post his demise is Arun Sagar. Recently he passed away and he was a well known journalist cum writer cum scholar. Arun has also written few books which are quite popular and are now gaining demand in the market.

Now, one TV channel has come up with a benevolent tribute to this scholar. We are talking about the TV5 channel and they have named one of their auditoriums after Arun Sagar. Many in the media fraternity are touched by this gesture and are fondly remembering Arun Sagar.

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