Venkatesh Effect On Maruti's Twitter

By - February 25, 2016 - 03:01 PM IST

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These days the social media platforms have become the best parameter to judge your popularity quotient. For instance, the more the number of followers in Twitter, the more popular you are considered. This is more applicable for the film industry members.

There are different reasons why the twitter counter keeps increasing and a very common cause is when you associate with a big name. The latest example for that is director Maruti. Though he has got his own share of following and success quotient, that was not evident on Twitter.

But now, the situation is changing. After announcing that he is going to do a film with Victory Venkatesh and sharing updates from time to time, his Twitter following increased suddenly and there is a sudden spike in his followers count. This is the Venky effect on Maruti’s Twitter.

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