'Kshanam' Formula Puts Check To New Projects

By - February 27, 2016 - 05:54 PM IST

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It is known news that the latest release Kshanam has scored not just as a cost effective project but also as a content rich project. It was promoted that the making cost was just 1 crore while the promotion and publicity cost was another 1 crore.

While this has brought laurels to the banner PVP who produced the film, it has certainly put a check to some new projects. Usually, when some new producers want to make a film, they are coming with 3 crores to 4 crores as their budget but now they are now backing off.

Their reason is, when a gigantic banner like PVP is doing a film in just 1 to 2 crores including publicity then why should we pump twice the amount and end up with losses. With this, the directors are now reworking their scripts to fit into the shoestring budget.

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