Rashmi Seriously Hurt by Them!

By - February 27, 2016 - 12:03 PM IST

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The dynamic TV anchor, actress Rashmi has her own set of followers and fans. Her energetic presence always brings life to any program and just like her contemporary Anasuya, this actress is also making huge buzz with her films. Her appearance in the upcoming Guntur Talkies has made her the centre of attraction and discussion. She looked extra sensuous in the promos and the recently released romantic Nee Sontham song teaser has shot the discussion to peaks.

Her new stint has led many people search more of her earlier films as well. While speaking in an interview for the promotions of her film Guntur Talkies, Rashmi expressed her disappointment about the terms used by some of the uploaders in YouTube. Apparently, she acted in a film named Thanks with yesteryear hero Vineeth in the year 2002. The film is neither sensual or a porn film but such terms were used by the uploaders to attract more clicks by the users. 
Upset Rashmi opined that things should be projected the way they are and such cheap antics to attract more clicks have to be curbed. 

It is indeed a very genuine concern for Rashmi as she is hoping high to make it big as an actress. And more over this is an issue many other actresses are also facing. Hope Rashmi's angst reaches out to those insensible people with vested interests.

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