SiraSri On His Journey With RGV

By - February 29, 2016 - 08:47 PM IST

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The eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma has got a mark of his own and his ideology has struck the hearts of many intense people. One among them is noted film lyricist Sirasri and recently he accompanied RGV to the two day trip of Vijayawada. He shared his experience in his own words like this.

“My experience during the study tour of ‘Vangaveeti’ at Vijayawada was overwhelming. A humongous reception, an astounding welcome, an unexpected craze, right from the time we landed to Vijayawada till we took the return flight, it was like a marathon. Hundreds of cars, police security, flower rains. All this is for RGV who is neither a political leader nor a person who is scoring hits lately. But the truth is simple. He is beyond cinema. The excitement you feel when you want to meet a celebrity comes down after you meet but that’s not the case with RGV. I saw this when he went to Koneru Lakshmiah engineering college. He was hardly there for thirty minutes but the amount of mania students had for him is beyond description. Even the QA session was quite interesting. So, even after two decades, ‘Vangaveeti’ will become a cult classic but the generation of that time will still hold the same mania for RGV because that’s what his personality is all about.”

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