Ali's Brand Image Is Like This

By - March 05, 2016 - 11:16 AM IST

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The common threat that many actors and actresses face is that of getting typecast. This usually happens when you do a particular role two or more times and that’s it. The same logic also applies to those who tend to behave in a certain manner during film related events.
The senior comedian Ali has always enthralled the crowds with his anchoring and there was a time he was coming up with double entendres at peak. But in the recent past, it led to some controversies and Ali was being projected in dark light. It is known that he was doing it only for fun but still.
Since then, Ali has begun maintaining a very low profile and kept his distance from the media as well. But recently he was seen onstage and despite his best efforts to steer clean of any statements, many have begun misinterpreting them in double meaning. That’s the brand image Ali has developed.

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