Varun Tej's Wonderful Decision

By - March 05, 2016 - 04:27 PM IST

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Once you decide to become a hero you need to be very watchful with the kind of movies you are doing. Most importantly, you need to have that sensibility to project yourself as a performer with versatility. That happens when you choose a variety of roles and challenging projects.

One young hero in Tollywood is doing it right now. He is none other than mega prince Varun Tej and given his latest move, many are saying he has taken a wonderful decision. Varun is all set to team up with entertaining director Sreenu Vaitla for a new movie.

So far, serious movies have been done by Varun in the form of Kanche, Loafer and a sentimental movie is also done. Now, he is switching to comedy with Vaitla. This type of versatility and confidence to take up variety is much needed for heroes these days. Way to go Varun!

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