Big Shock to Manoj in US

By - March 06, 2016 - 12:52 PM IST

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Manchu ‘Rockstar’ Manoj totally changed his style & action with his latest flick Shourya and he got mixed reviews & response at box office from audiences, despite his different attempt at the box office.

However Manoj's Shourya ate a big shock in the overseas. According to the rumour mills, only one ticket was sold for an entire show of Shourya in a theatre in California, US.

Unlike the indigenous market, star value and promising combinations is a requisite a crucial factor behind pulling crowds to the theatres.

Well this case is a threat to Manchu Manoj's overseas market value that needs immediate attention from the young hero.

It is also rumoured that the team and Manchu Manoj are taken back by this response. However the weekend is going to define the fate of the film.

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