Market For Small Films Appealing NRIs

By - March 08, 2016 - 08:42 PM IST

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The element of overseas market constituting a key part in the revenue for a film’s business has increased in the last few years and directors are considering this while preparing their stories. And then there are those films which may not work locally but shine bright in overseas.

So, discussion is happening on how the NRIs can be lured to watch the films. This is more for the small and medium budget flicks who find it tough to generate revenue. Well, it turns out that the future is only for those films which can appeal the taste of the NRIs.

Apparently, the NRIs love to watch films which showcase the Telugu traditions and heritage in a good way. Also, they are always impressed with humor and entertainment quotient. So, instead of regular masala potboilers, the filmmakers should concentrate with these type of subjects to win the overseas box office.

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