SIIMA 2016 To Rock Singapore

By - March 10, 2016 - 02:51 PM IST

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The culture of having film award nights has been quite prominent in the Bollywood for many years but eventually this spread to the south as well. Today, there are many film related award nights in the south but only the best always create that buzz and attention.

One such event which stands at the number one position is the SIIMA (South India International Movie Awards). From the time of its inception, SIIMA hogged the credit of bringing the top stars of all the four industries of south under one roof and conduct a successful awards night.

Not only that, each year, SIIMA takes place in different venues and that too international. The time now has come for SIIMA 2016 and the venue is going to be Singapore. Reports say some really fantastic events have been planned for this event and it is going to rock like never before.

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