Who Is This Rupak Ronaldson?

By - March 11, 2016 - 12:20 PM IST

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Whenever you enter the entertainment industry it doesn’t take long for the fraternity to dig all the details about you right from your birth till date. Given that, it is impossible for anyone not to know a person. Despite that, one name caused a major mystery among Tollywood folks.

The name is Rupak Ronaldson and this popped up when the poster of the film Kobbari Matta was unveiled. Based on the picture, many were breaking their heads but here is the truth. It is none other than Sai Rajesh and he has changed his name to Rupak Ronaldson.

Previously, for his other venture Hrudaya Kaleyam Sai Rajesh put his name as Steven Shankar wherein Steven was taken from Steven Spielberg and Shankar from our showman of the south Shankar. Now for this movie he chose this so there must be some link somewhere. That way, for every movie, Sai Rajesh is choosing a different name and giving variety to the audience.

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