Sharrath follows KRK even after Controversial Comments on PK

By - March 17, 2016 - 04:47 PM IST

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No one dares to mess with Pawan Kalyan fans but controversial actor Kamaal R Khan did. Perhaps knowing Sardaar Gabbar Singh's title song teaser unveiling late this morning, KRK made few sensational tweets on PK calling him "cartoon, joker, lukkha, sadahuwa hero" and whatnot!

If this Lukkha Pawan Kalyan singh is also a hero then anybody in the world can be a super star.

What's wrong with South Indian ppl? How can they watch this cartoon in the films as a hero? Really very bad choice!

I will prefer to watch Rajpal Yadav film instead of the joker, the cartoon, the Maha Sada Huwa hero, Pawan Kalyan

Fans are totally enraged with KRK's tweets and are busy trolling him. While some advice to totally "ignore" him, some say they are envious of SGS' aggressive promotions in Bollywood unlike the past. Interestingly, SGS producer Sharrath Marar is still following KRK in spite of the tweets which is not going well with die-hard PK fans.

Though following/unfollowing doesn't make a difference in the case, fans are expecting some response on this issue.

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