Brahmanandam As Weapon Dealer

By - March 19, 2016 - 10:06 AM IST

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The smartest way to win the hearts of the Telugu audience is to come up with a storyline that is infused with loads of humour. This is one reason why Tollywood has got an abundance of comedians and despite that, they all have opportunities flowing in at all times.

Among them, one man can be called as the king. He is none other than Brahmanandam and though he has been going through a lean patch in terms of success, his demand has not come down. Now, Brahmi is going to arrive with yet another interesting role.

This is in the new movie Sardaar Gabbar Singh and inside news reveals he would be seen as a weapons dealer. The film is set in the backdrop of an imaginary village called Rattanpur and Brahmi’s shop would be called as ‘Rajput Rifles’. In fact, Rajputana Rifles is one of Indian army’s senior most rifle regiment comprising of very powerful soldiers.

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