Dark Secrets Revealed in Mani Death Case

By - March 23, 2016 - 10:36 AM IST

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Popular South Indian actor Kalabhavan Mani’s death case is turning out to be one of the most mysterious one in recent times. After the latest toxicology reports confirmed the presence of poisonous compounds in his body that might have led to his death, shocking secrets have been revealed in the investigation.

As per latest reports, Kalabhavan Mani is going through a strained relationship with his wife Nimmi and on top of it, he allegedly has an illicit affair with a doctor in Kochi. While some sources close to Mani said he is looking forward to seek divorce, others opined that his wife has abandoned him. However, Mani has a chronic liver ailment and the liquor he took before his death has been allegedly poisoned.

So, police are currently investigating the role of his troubled relationship with his wife, friendsand others behind his untimely death.

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