5 Factors that might Affect Sardaar's (Hindi) Fate

By - March 24, 2016 - 06:31 PM IST

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Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a much awaited film for not only the fans and traders but also industry onlookers. Because Pawan is doing couple of unique things for this film:

- Scripting the film (story & screenplay) along with directorial supervision and that too as an extension for a blockbuster like Gabbar Singh.

-  Releasing it in the unexplored Hindi market.

While fans are ready to support him with the first aspect, everyone is honestly sceptical about the performance of the Hindi version. Thanks to the distribution giant Eros Now – Sardaar Gabbar Singh is releasing across 800 screens pan India but here are 5 major factors that might affect our Hindi Sardaar

  1. Firstly much against to the popular comparison with Baahubali, Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a regular commercial film without a USP to pull crowds as Baahubali did.
  2. Besides Pawan & Kajal Agarwal, SGS has no proper ‘face of the film’. As a matter of fact, Kajal is more familiar than Pawan Kalyan in the Hindi market. On top of it, she doesn’t have a successful record there.
  3. Given a distributing associate like the Eros Now, SGS can find a good release but will Pawan & the other star cast extensively promote the film there? Prior to one month of its release, Baahubali cast has made buzz in the national media and even international media like Variety and others have talked about Baahubali. It is already the last week of March and with the release about 13 days away, we haven’t seen Pawan/Sardaar team promoting the film anywhere outside the Telugu states (of course the Powerstar needs no promotion here).
  4. Now talking about the performance of the latest theatrical trailer, unlike the Telugu trailer (that has garnered over 6.7 lakh hits in 4days), the Hindi trailer has managed to record about 3.87 lakh hits (as per figures in Eros Now official channel) – these numbers apparently talk about the reach and craze over the film (outside the Telugu states).
  5. Even if SGS makersare treating the film’s Hindi business as just a bonus, it will certainly affect the brand and market value of Pawan Kalyan (especially in Bollywood) in the future which is yet another concern for fans (if not for PK).

Having said these, everyone is eagerly looking forward to the release of SGS on Apr 8 with fingers crossed!

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