RGV Comments on Nag's Oopiri

By - March 27, 2016 - 01:36 PM IST

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RGV is the man who has the guts to call a spade a spade and he doesn’t care no matter what happens.

Nowadays his Tweets are making to the headlines and recently his comments on Oopiri grabbed the eyeballs of the industry. After watching the response of Oopiri movie, he responded the following way-

Bahubali Srimanthudu bhale bhale magadivoyi,Naannaku prematho,Kshanam and Oopiri seem to be killing Masala films by ushering in a new era

Oopiri a combo film of Tamil nd Telugu stars being such a big hit in both markets proves that cross casting can double the market size

People behind Commercial Masala films assume audience to be brain less idiots whereas people behind Oopiri respect audience's intelligence

In one way, RGV’s positive tweets will increase the Oopiri's collections and meanwhile the entire industry is backing the Oopiri movie by their mouth publicity via their social network handles.

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