NTR's Films with Misleading Titles

By - March 28, 2016 - 03:02 PM IST

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Time and again we have driven the point clearly that a title plays a key role for creating that right vibe for a movie and it gets more responsible when the film has a big star. But an interesting situation is currently on related to the movies of the young tiger Junior NTR.

His films are coming with rather misleading titles.  Before you get confused, let us clear the air for you. Some of Junior’s past movies are currently making way into the Hindi TV channels in dubbed versions. For instance, it is known that Sultan is mighty heart Salman Khan’s movie.

But recently, Junior’s movie Dammu was released as Sultan on the internet. The interesting part is, the same film came as Rowdy Rathore earlier. That way, the young tiger’s flicks are coming with rather misleading titles so it has to be seen whether something would be done about it.

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