Salman Khan To Tweak 'Kshanam' Story?

By - March 29, 2016 - 03:50 PM IST

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There was quite a buzz making rounds about the recent release Kshanam and the way it has scored at the box office. Now, the movie is going to the next level with the news that it is going to be remade in Hindi and the best part, it might have mighty heart Salman Khan in the lead.

The latest update from Mumbai is that Salman is going to tweak the script and the makers will customize the storyline such that it fits the image and appeal of Salman Khan. Currently, Salman is busy with the shooting of his new movie Sultan and it is slated for a release this year.

If the remake with him is true then Salman would be stepping into the shoes of the handsome hunk Adivi Sesh. The original is directed by Ravikanth Parepu so it has to be seen who will be helming the remake. The very name of Salman getting attached to it is generating maximum hype.

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