Sr Directors Living In Illusions

By - March 31, 2016 - 08:21 PM IST

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The funny thing about the entertainment industry is that if you have a rational mind and step into it, you will come across many individuals who consider themselves to be God’s gift to mankind and cinema. Even those who are jobless project themselves as a major asset to the entire film fraternity.

Anyhow, our topic now is about few senior directors in Tollywood who seem to be living in illusions. They are asking dates from young heroes but the heroes not giving it because they feel these directors are not trendy and keep coming up with outdated stories and stale plots.

Even if they get dates their behavior is not being good. They are showing that seniority attitude towards the young heroes and they are not liking it. So, if the senior directors really want work, they have to work with today’s requirement. They have to become trendy and contemporary in their approach.  

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