'Ki and Ka' Is On Par With 'Ku 21 F'?

By - April 02, 2016 - 11:20 AM IST

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There are those moments in life when you watch a movie and get that déjà vu feeling that you have already seen it in a film in the past. If not the scenes, at least the flavor of the movie conveys that. This is the reaction of the Telugu audience after watching a Bollywood flick.

A new Hindi movie Ki And Ka hit the screens across the globe and it has the young Arjun Kapoor along with the hot begum Kareena Kapoor. The story revolves around the hero becoming a ‘house husband’ while the heroine who is an ambitious woman wants to climb the corporate ladder and be in the top.

Those who saw the movie felt it gave a revolutionary shock to them and recalled that it is pretty much similar to the shock value the Telugu flick Kumari 21F gave. On the flip side, Kumari 21F got slammed for the overtly bold content while Ki And Ka is already witnessing drop at the collections for its unconventional theme.

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