150th Needs More And More Surprises

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You would have noticed that in the last few years, a lot of changes have been observed in the Tollywood circuit in terms of the brand value and the hype for movies. And if it is a landmark movie then all those things are doubled. Such is the case with one project right now.

We are talking about the prestigious 150th movie of megastar Chiranjeevi which also marks his comeback to the cine circuit. This is going to be the remake of the Tamil hit Katthi. While all that is fine, the cine pundits say this project must be filled with more and more surprises.

They add “Look at the way films like Baahubali, Sardaar Gabbar Singh have created an impact. Soon Brahmotsavam will also join the bandwagon. Amidst all such buzz, it is imperative that Chiru’s 150th has to be done in a very innovative and explosive manner.” What say Chiru?

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