Fans Worried For SGS Tickets

By - April 08, 2016 - 10:26 AM IST

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Finally the much awaited moment has come with Sardaar Gabbar Singh hitting the screens. While it is normal for someone like power star Pawan Kalyan to generate such type of mania, it is more or less understood that the first right always belongs to his fans and they ruled the roost for a while.

However, it is heard that the fans are now particularly worried about one movie. It is Sardaar Gabbar Singh and they are getting worried due to lack of availability of tickets. So far, the advance booking counter is reportedly shutdown because all tickets have got sold and incidentally, even PK fans didn’t get tickets.

Those who are ready to buy the tickets despite offering best money also are not getting a single ticket. Many of the noted fans said “Our egos are getting hurt we are hardcore fans and even we didn’t get ticket. This should not be the case at all.” Hope the makers are making note of this one.

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