Guess what Nag's Niece is Doing?

By - April 12, 2016 - 12:12 PM IST

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Usually, it is a difficult task to know about other family members in influential celebrity families especially belonging to film arena. This is because of the tremendous fame certain forerunners of the family hold for long period of time.

One such example is of Akkineni family where we hear more about Nagarjuna’s sons, Sumanth and Sushanth but not others. But here, Nagarjuna’s doting niece Sahitya has made into the news for a very important reason. Despite being in a showbiz family, Sahitya was brought up in a very normal environment away from glitz and glamor.

Sahitya has made to the news by working for a popular NGO named Teach for India which aims on educating poor children. The main task of this NGO is to visit government schools and provide their best support for education.

This young Sahitya’s mom Naga Suseela is delighted to see her daughter’s achievement!

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