Actress' Husband Back In Action

By - April 13, 2016 - 04:26 PM IST

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The common pattern you notice is that after one stage, an actress gets married either to an NRI or a businessman and disappear. Usually, the starlets’ husbands are not much in spotlight. But one man was quite a brand few years  back and had a niche popularity of his own.

He is none other than the yoga guru Bharat Thakur and the good news is that he is back. Bharat is the wife of the innocent beauty Bhumika and the couple was painting the town of Hyderabad red and yellow with their presence a while ago. Later on, Bharat went to Dubai for some time.

He was in Dubai all this while and now he is back. We have to wait and see if he is coming back with a new business plan or whether he will do another movie. His most talked about movie is Thakita Thakita which came with a lot of hype but didn’t work. For now, it is welcome back to Bharat Thakur.

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