A Fan's Open Letter To RGV

By - April 14, 2016 - 05:11 PM IST

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If you were to point out the most active and sensational celebrity across the Indian cinema on the internet, your unanimous choice would be the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. The way he grabs attention with his lines is significant. But this time, he got a letter written in Telugu from a fan which is circulating on Facebook. His name is Konakanchi Lakshmi Narayana and here is a gist of his words-

There is a difference of just one letter between knowledge and ignorance. Similarly, whatever you know is not knowledge. Similarly, whatever you don’t know is not ignorance. Only a genius knows the difference between both. Many take the wrong step here, cross the line and become enemies for others.

You are a brilliant man…why can’t you think of staying away from unnecessary controversies. Change yourself like the many escapists of Tollywood. Become those who watch a flop movie in preview theatres, call it a super hit and laugh mockingly. Why should you call yourself as a madman? Step into the world of those who mock, give mocking interviews and make stupid movies, make fun of others, become schizophrenics and live in their own whims and fancies.

There are many intellectuals in Telugu cinema who can slam a movie in a much better way with a much ‘better’ intention than you do. None of them talk. They watch the first day first show only to comment “This director did a trash job.” Calling the opposite person a fool gives a happiness, that is a kick.
The biggest drug sold in Tollywood is this, thinking the opposite person is a fool. There are hundreds in Telugu cinema who agree with your views but when they are silent and enjoying peacefully, think about why you should not enjoy that same pleasure.

Ramu..do you know..I think you don’t. Cheating self conscience gives happiness to humans so learn to speak like that. Learn to talk in such a way that others have mental masturbation. Tell me the truth, can you be friendly with those who hurt you.

Please note another important point, life is all about satisfying the ego of others and living ego-free. Your ego is provoking you to come up with variety tweets and every tweet is causing discomfort to others. As a filmmaker, we desire a ‘Satya’ ‘Company’ from you, not tweets in Twitter.

There are multiple meanings behind this writeup of mine. An intelligent writer like you would interpret all its meanings I am sure. I wish to see a 100 days film from you, not useless tweets. When you decide to make a film that should run for 100 days let me know, I will come and write the script. A film from you that runs for 100 days is the only answer to all those who consider you as a madman and an enemy. Ramu should not be defeated, he must make wonderful movies, Ramu must create history once again, that’s all…

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