Rajamouli Beats Rajinikanth In Simplicity

By - April 14, 2016 - 10:24 AM IST

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Though the film industry is all about show off and flaunting something which is very superficial, the real admiration comes from the people only when you are true to yourself and show that humility. This is the reason why Style Samrat Rajnikanth is worshipped across the nation in a very big way.

Many are floored by his grounded nature and simplicity. But this time, even Rajini was beaten by another man. He is none other than the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli. All this happened during the Padma Awards ceremony in New Delhi. As such, Rajini was very simple but he did come in a well knit ethnic outfit.

All eyes were on Rajini because he had no makeup as usual. But scene changed when Rajamouli came to take his Padma award. He did not shave, did not dye his hair and was in very normal clothes that are worn in daily basis. All those who were present discussed his simplicity and were in awe of it.

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