Diff b/w Puri & Vinayak in Discussion

By - April 18, 2016 - 01:21 PM IST

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Puri Jagannadh & VV Vinayak are two ace commercial directors with unique style of making and fan base. While one is known for his whacky characters & dialogues, the other for powerful action and commercial entertainers.

This difference as a director was never a problem for anyone but their distributors have now realized a major difference between them in the wake of the latest ‘Puri vs Distributors’ controversy. Going into the details, when Akhil movie bombed, Vinayak has personally called his distributors and worked on their compensations (even compromising on his remuneration) but on the other hand, Puri has lodged a harassment case on few distributors when pleaded for some compensation (for Loafer losses), argue few distributors.

Well in our Telugu market, distributors heavily bank upon director-hero combinations rather than the film’s merit and they are a very crucial part of the theatrical release. Even Rajinikanth had to compensate for his Lingaa losses in the interest of his distributors.

Due to the latest controversy, Puri has an unwanted negative remark and comparison with Vinayak. Let’s see how Puri will repair this damageand re-engineer his image and relationships!

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