Media writes so much about my Remuneration: Rakul Preet Interview

By - April 19, 2016 - 01:49 PM IST

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Rakul Preet Singh has turned out to be the first hand choice for every big film in Tollywood these days. Her lucky stint began with the success of Venkatadri Express and she never looked back since then. She was paired opposite almost every star hero in Tollywood till now. The actress is all set to entertain the audience with Stylish Star Allu Arjun in Sarrainodu which is ready for release. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the effervescent actress:

Hello Rakul..

Please tell us about your role in Sarrainodu..
I am seen as a village belle in this film. The role is nothing like how I am in real life and it was quite a challenge. My dressing style and dialogue delivery is totally new. I am seen as a girl hailing from Rajahmundry. I wanted to dub my own voice but my Telugu isn't so perfect yet to suit the accent and diction of the character.

Sarrainodu has Catherine as well along with you. How was your role elevated?
Though my screen presence is less in the film the impact is great. Boyapati Srinu is known for strong female characters and Nayanatara’s role in Simha itself is an example. We both managed to get meaty roles in Sarrainodu.

How was it working with Bunny for the first time?
It wouldn’t be surprising if I tell he is quite energetic both on and off the screen. I heard he was a good dancer before working with him but now I say he is much more than that. Seeing his dance moves, I wondered if his bones are extra flexible! The moment he watches a move, he nails it. I had to rehearse hard to match his pace and grace. I'm fortunate to have worked with good dancers in all my previous films as it is improves my dancing skills too.

You have acted with most Mega heroes like Ram Charan, Allu Arjun and now Sai Dharam Tej for next flick. How do you feel?
It is just pure coincidence. It is always a pleasure to work with the Mega family!

Your working experience with director Boyapati Srinu?
I really like his visual and imaginary nature. He explains the story so well with his narrative. He is one director who knows how to get the best out of each actor. Sarrainodu is 100% mass movie and will be liked by all!

Right from your first film you did action oriented films in majority. Why are you not trying other challenging genres?
The only reason why I am doing such films is because I am getting good opportunities. Personally I have a huge wish list such as a pure love story like DDLJ or a sports oriented movie. But let us see how it works in the future!

You seem to be seen predominantly in glamour roles? Any reason?
Well, I was seen as glam doll only in Bruce Lee and Nannaku Prematho. My debut film Keratam, Venkatadri Express, Current Theega and Kick 2 featured me in de-glamorized roles only.  Keeping songs aside, I was predominantly seen in a performance oriented role for all these films!

Do you think heroes are given more importance in commercial films than heroines?
I don’t think we should see a film like hero or heroine centric. The film should be seen like a complete package and if the story is good, it should be liked.

Have you rejected any scripts till date?
If I don’t like to do a film I try to politely refuse so that they wouldn’t feel bad. At the same time I cannot accept a role half-heartedly and suffer in shooting. That is why I tell politely that I couldn’t connect to the role and reject cordially.

You attained superstardom in such short notice. What do you think is the reason?
I think it is a combination of luck, destiny and hard work. Every person should invest 100% hard work in the task. Even 99.99% wouldn’t pay off!

Why do you think actresses like Pratyusha Banerjee are succumbing to suicide?
People forget that celebrities have a personal life too. In fact, their personal life is entirely made public. Because of this the pressure on actresses is very high. Most of the actresses compare their work with others instead of focusing on their own work. They believe in number game to assess their success. Most of the tensions are relieved by strong friends support and sharing but unfortunately they don’t do this. Worrying within only makes things worse. If work is joy, most of the problems will be solved.

Upcoming movies?
I will work with Sai Dharam Tej next which will start in the month of May. Also working with Cherry for Thani Oruvan remake.

There is a buzz that you reduced remuneration for Cherry in Thani Oruvan remake?
Media folks write lots of stuff about my remuneration. 'Rakul hiked her remuneration' and suddenly turn tables saying 'She reduced for Ram Charan' (Laughs). To tell the truth, my Dad and manager are the ones who look after the financial aspects. For me the role and my character is of prime importance.
Okay…thanks and wish you the best for future films!
Thanks a lot!

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