NJTA Showers Luck On Singers And Lyricists

By - April 20, 2016 - 04:47 PM IST

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The largest piece of cake always belongs to the actors and actresses in the film industry in terms of publicity, fan following and attention. But in the recent years, professionals from other crafts are also gaining their own celebrity quotient. Notable in that list is singers and music directors.

Now, one foreign entity is coming up with a special initiative which is going to shower luck on not just the singers but also the lyricists. It is called the New Jersey Telugu Association which has formed newly. It is heard that the organization has decided to come up with a string of activities.

It is heard that every weekend they would be coming up with programs involving singers, lyricists, music directors and they want to do it across different cities. Even the big players like NATS, TANA never did something like this so it appears that NJTA is going to become very famous in a very short time.

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