Regina Falls Behind In Race

By - April 22, 2016 - 03:29 PM IST

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It takes just one or two movies for you to realize whether an actress has got it in her to make it big or not. However, the thumb rule that still applies is, success is determined by a stroke of luck and the right opportunity. In this filtering, there are many talented and deserving beauties who get flushed away.

One classic example for that is the expressive seductress Regina Cassandra. When she made her debut in Tollywood, the film pundits predicted that Reggie is going to strike it big here because she is not just a striking tall beauty but she has immense acting potential in her.

But call it her wrong choice of movies or lack of mentoring from anyone, she ended up doing few movies which took her in the downturn. Now, the situation is that Regina has fallen behind in race and unless she picks up a hit or two, the graph will not look up. It is sad to see such deserving starlets getting a raw deal.
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