Kumari 21F For Bollywood Also

By - April 22, 2016 - 10:08 AM IST

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Since its inception about 70 years ago, the Tollywood cinema has focused more on traditional and conventional storylines. Even today, the routine formulaic templates are followed by many filmmakers. However, a small bunch of radical filmmakers who want to set a new trend are also emerging.

The storylines are taking a more controversial flavor and it must be said that one movie which raised eyebrows of many is Kumari 21F featuring young hero Raj Tharun and the dusky siren Hebba Patel. Reports are now saying that the makers are planning to take it to Bollywood also.

However, the Mumbai experts say many such radical and bold movies have come in Bollywood such as Cocktail and others so this subject will not really create that impact or shock value. For now, Kumari 21F looks confirmed to go for Sandalwood so let us see how things take shape in Bollywood.

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