Krish To Shock Entire Nation With This

By - April 26, 2016 - 06:02 PM IST

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In order to be called as the best filmmaker, you need to have a variety of skill sets. It is not just about shooting a film properly or coming up with a great storyline. You also need to have the right kind of business mindset to ensure that cost doesn’t go overboard and recovery of investment happens smartly.

It is here that the intellectual filmmaker Krish has been scoring the brownie points. Recently, he came up with Kanche in just 22 crores which was a major shock. Now, he has decided to increase the shock quotient. This is for the prestigious movie Gautamiputra Satakarni featuring Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Sources say Krish is going to shock with his budget planning and time duration for shooting. The film is locked for January 2017 release. Given the huge casting, shooting schedules, doing everything in just 9 months is remarkable for a movie having such big structure. Even Baahubali took nearly two years and budget was also premium. Way to go Krish!

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