Pawan's Secret Launch

By - April 27, 2016 - 12:16 PM IST

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Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has proved time and again that he can be master of unpredictability and surprises. He has earned a unique name for his individuality as well as the way he interacts with the media. Just when the media folks are feeling happy to see Pawan open up to them and give nonstop interviews as promotional tactic for his film Sardaar Gabbar Singh, he gave a stunner now by doing something shocking!

The actor initially announced that he will have the formal puja for his next film with SJ Suryah on 29th April. Incidentally, this was the same day when even his elder brother Chiranjeevi’s Katthi remake is having the formal puja. The buzz said that because there are no muruthams after this date, the Mega brothers have chosen the auspicious day!

But in terrible shock to everyone including the media, Pawan Kalyan started the film’s puja today itself by he himself breaking the coconut! This incident has become talk of the town now and fans along with common film goers are stunned with this sudden decision. Even the media hasn't got any invitation for this event.

Pawan Kalyan sure must be having his own reasons for this hurried decision as he already explained the urgency for him to complete the films and get into politics full time.

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